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We repair Broken iPhones, Broken iPads, and Broken iPods all day long across Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley and as these items become increasingly popular, they also increase their chances in being damaged and in need of a fix. iPhone users often just “deal” with having a broken device when a repair is just a phone call away and has a minimal cost.  Others choose to replace the whole device, taking it to an Apple store and spending hundreds of dollars for their flawed Apple iCare program.

Here is a list of the most popular iPhone repairs out there today:

ibroken iphone infographic


iPhone Ooops: Is Apple All to Blame?

We’ve all experienced that moment when your beloved smartphone inadvertently takes a tumble onto the cold, tile floor. With your stomach in knots, you question the fate of your phone — (“How on earth can I update my status now?”) — and carefully scoop it up to examine the potential damage. If the odds are in your favor, you get off with a small scratch and a “let that be a lesson to you.” The majority of cell phone users, however, are generally not as lucky.

According to recent reports, the iconic Apple iPhone is ranked as the number one smartphone, most prone to damage! When it comes to finger-pointing, who takes the blame…flimsy phones or their negligent owners? Like the proverbial, “chicken or the egg” toss up, we may never know!

What we do know, however, is the fact that over three-fourths of discarded iPhones are broken in some fashion, according to recent data supplied byVentureBeat. Check out some other interesting, iPhone facts that have been extracted from’s latest infographic, below!

Are Americans iPhone Intolerance?

When talking iPhones, it seems that Americans are pretty klutzy consumers!

30 percent of iPhones inadvertently fall from their owners’ hands; 18 percent of iPhones are immersed in liquid; 13 percent of iPhones fall from their owners’ lap; 11 percent of iPhones are knocked off a table, and finally, 9 percent of iPhones are damaged as a result of spilled liquid! Additional data provided by mobile-phone recycling company, EcoATM, shows that 76 percent of their collected, Apple phones displayed some form of physical or electrical damage.

Whether American consumers are clumsy or just plain careless, the fact stands that 69 percent of iPhone accidents are caused by the owner! Accidental iPhone damage is ten times more common than loss and theft, and half of iPhone users under the ages of 35 have experienced accidents with their iPhone.

According to surveyed iPhone owners, 23 percent of surveyed iPhone owners said their screen was damaged in some some way. An additional 30 percent of iPhone owners have experienced accidental damage in the past 12 months; 17 percent of iPhone owners have damaged an iPhone more than once, and 6 percent of iPhone users have taped up their phones, at least once! These damaged iPhones don’t come cheap: since 2007, Americans have spent $5.9 billion in phone replacement and/or repairs!

Data shows that a striking majority of iPhone damage occurs in the home. 21 percent of iPhones are damaged in the kitchen; 8 percent of iPhones are damaged in the bedroom, and 10 percent of iPhones are dropped onto the driveway. The living room is responsible for 18 percent of damages, and no surprise here — 16 percent of iPhones are destroyed in the bath!

Once the damage has been done, approximately 32 percent of iPhone users will opt against repairs. Why is this? Several factors contribute to American consumers’ delay for an immediate course of action: 24 percent of users fail to insure their iPhones; 21 percent of iPhone users cannot afford repairs and/or replacements; 19 percent of damaged iPhones are deemed “broken but usable,” and 4 percent of iPhone users attribute ‘other’ factors to their postponement.

**For the absent-minded minority, 5 percent of iPhone owners have left their device in the washer, and 9 percent have admitted to dropping their phone in the toilet! If you’re among the ranks of American consumers, guilty of an iPhone “oops!” moment, consider for all your iPhone, iPad and iPod repairs! Visit any number of their local retail stores in-person, or for those dire emergencies, call on their trusty Mobile iPhone Repair Truck to come straight to you!**


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